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Sharing the good news

We love meeting people wherever they are at in life and telling them about Jesus.

Sunday Services

Join us for either or both of our services on Sunday mornings!

Prayer Service – 7:30am :: 1217 S. Mission Street (across from Arbys)
Worship Service – 10am :: downtown at the Ward Theatre (across from the Bird)

Children’s Ministry is provided for infant – 6th grade at our main location at 1217 S. Mission Street during the 10am service.

Cripplegate Prayer Meetings

If you want to get to know the heart of Grace Church, attend a Cripplegate Prayer Meeting. Join us for a short Scripture-based teaching and an extended time of prayer at 1217 S. Mission Street.

Weekdays | 6:30-7:15am
Weekends | 7:30-8:15am

Children’s Ministry

Our Children’s Ministry teams create an environment where kids can learn about God in ways that are appropriate to their specific developmental needs.

While in Children’s Ministry, your kids will enjoy a creative and interactive program centered on the Bible. While teaching is the main focus, each service includes worship, small groups, activities and games. We are passionate about helping kids discover what it means to walk with God, live out their faith, and begin using their gifts to serve others.

What do I need to know for my child’s first visit to Children’s Ministry? Is my child going to be the only one there?

Find the answers to these questions and more on our FAQ page.

Still have questions? Email our Children’s Ministry Director, Ryan Giegling.


The safety of the children entrusted to our care is of the utmost importance. Our spaces were intentionally designed to be transparent. Our team follows an in-depth set of guiding principles to insure that the children are safe and secure as we teach them about our amazing God.

Young Church

Young Church is designed to give high schoolers, college students and young professionals a place to grow spiritually AND do the ministry of Jesus together.

Thursdays | 6pm | Downtown at the Ward Theatre

I've been absolutely blown away by the passion and depth of the pastors and children's ministry teachers. I really feel like my kids are learning too, and the staff working with them genuinely love children and love God.

Connie M.

I found Grace Church my freshman year at CMU, and though it was very different from the church I grew up in, the genuineness of the people to follow God and know his Word intrigued me. I've committed to following God and knowing his Word with them.

Megan C., Kidz Church Volunteer

I love how Grace starts every day with prayer.

Sami S., Outdoor Recreation Major at CMU


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Grace Church

Our Coffee Ministry is housed at our Mission location and our Children's Ministry meets here for our 10am Sunday service.

Ward Theatre

We meet here for our Thursday Young Church meeting, Sunday Services & Prayer Meetings!