Every day of the year, anywhere between a dozen to 50-plus people gather for teaching and prayer. Here you will interact with biblical teaching and hear the prayers of people who are the center of what God is doing at Grace. If you are sincerely trying to connect at Grace Church, attending one of the prayer gatherings on a regular basis is a great starting point. 

Update: In light of COVID-19 restrictions determined by our lawmakers, we are limited to how many people can gather in one place at one time. We remain committed to praying throughout this season as we feel it is one of the best contributions we can make on behalf of our church, our local community and extending throughout our world. We will be streaming our prayer gatherings live each morning in an effort to further spread and encourage a prayer covering unbound by spacial limitations.

Monday-Friday: 6:30am
Thursday Evening, Young Church: 6pm
Saturday-Sunday: 7:30am
Ward Theatre, Downtown Mt. Pleasant