who we are

Grace is non-denominational church built on a pursuit of God’s presence from a clear understanding of who God reveals Himself to be in the Word of God. We seek to be a people who joyfully orient our lives around following Jesus and fulfilling His Great Commission in the way He has asked us to do it: attempting to love and disciple everyone we know and to share the gospel in at least one other nation among an unreached/least reached people group. For us, that’s somewhere within the borders of the nations of Myanmar and in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

what makes us unique

These following distinctives guide our teaching and practice. They reflect our understanding the Scriptures and define our specific thumbprint as a church.

1. Prayer emphasized before, during, and after everything we do.

2. Anointed Worship & Teaching in all our services.

3. Making the church particularly accessible to 5 to 25-year-olds.

4. Biblical Simplicity in church structure and function.

5. Leadership-Gifted people who walk in obedience to Christ are sought out, honored, equipped and unleashed.

6. Risky Spontaneity and Flexibility from week to week.

7. Change for change sake, as a catalyst for growth, as led by the Holy Spirit.

8. Spiritual Gifts-based ministry that recognizes each person’s gifts even as they learn to bear the fruit of Christ-like character.

9. Passion for Relating with Respect to the un-churched while remaining unapologetically biblical in articulating our beliefs.

10. Sacrificial Giving to one Common General Fund, which includes opportunities to give toward financial goals for various projects.

11. Emphasis on Parents’ Responsibility for teaching spirituality to their children, and the church’s commitment to assist them in doing so.

12. Weekly rhythm of Rest.

13. Church Planting geared toward 16-25 year olds. This will be accomplished as God makes His timetable and leading clear.

14. A Servant Spirit.

15. Commitment to Discipling Others within the Body of Christ (2 Timothy 2:2).

16. Reaching Generations and Blessing Nations with the gospel and with works of service and compassion.

17. Personal Purity and Holiness as we walk with God and serve as a light to the world around us.