young church

because you are part of the church… now!

Grace Church was started by a couple of old(er) guys and their wives along with a small group of Jesus-followers. We had all come to the biblical understanding that the church should be young-at-heart and accessible to young people. We believed that followers of Christ should be actively engaged and empowered by God to struggle in, and do the work of, the local church being matured and strengthened in the process. 

If you are in high school, college or grad school, we encourage you to attend the weekly Young Church gathering.

Young Church is designed to give a time and space for dedicated disciples of Jesus to do the work of growing spiritually AND doing the ministry of Jesus together. A typical gathering includes worship with the Young Church band, prayer, and Biblical teaching. Afterwards, we serve the church through various ministries.

Outside the weekly Young Church gathering, ‘Young Church-ers’ are engaged in much of the week-to-week volunteer ministry that occurs inside and outside the walls of Grace Church.

Thursdays at 6pm
Downtown at the Ward Theatre
(218 S. Main Street | Across from the Bird Bar & Grill)

the yc connection

The Young Church Connection is a Registered Student Organization at Central Michigan University that is focused on creating an inspiring group of Christ-followers among all generations and nations in Central Michigan. We do this through our weekly Thursday night gatherings (where we invite any and all students to learn from the Bible, worship and pray) and through daily volunteer service to the community through the Twelve17 Coffee Roasters ministry. Our desire is to help connect students with a local body of faith where they can be encouraged and contribute to the needs of others.

RSO President- Sami Seeley
RSO Vice-President- Katrina Fryling
CMU Staff Advisor- Dan Koefoed

Meeting Time
Thursdays at 6pm
Downtown at the Ward Theatre