Our children’s ministry volunteers spend many hours preparing to make our children’s ministry services engaging for kids. Our programs are centered on the Bible. While the teaching is the central piece to what we do each Sunday, we also include a variety of elements including live drama, video, worship, small groups, activities and games. We strive to create programs that are relevant to kids of every age. As a church, we are excited and passionate about kids and helping them to discover what it means to walk with God, to live out their faith, and to begin using their gifts to serve others.
What do I need to know for my child's first visit to Children's Ministry?
When you arrive, bring your child to their appropriate age room and sign the registration sheet at the front counter. Registration begins 15 minutes prior to the start of each service. Once the service is over, simply come back to your child’s room to check out your child.
What steps have been taken to insure my child's safety?
All Children’s Ministry volunteers have completed a background check and our spaces were designed to be open, and transparent to insure accountability. Additionally, a team of our volunteers have developed a Child Safety Plan that all of our volunteers have been through and trained in. The safety of your children is very important to us and concern for it is one of the guiding principles that shapes the decisions we make.

Click HERE to view a portion of our Child Safety Plan and if you are interested in discussing the plan further or would like to view more information regarding the complete plan, please contact our Children’s Ministry Director at ryan@gracemp.org and he will be happy to discuss the plan with you further and hopefully answer any remaining questions you may have.

What if my child is sick?
Young children are very susceptible to colds, the flu and other illnesses. We realize your child’s illness can be a difficult time for you, and that it’s often frustrating to rearrange your schedule to provide care for your sick child at home. We want to help eliminate these concerns as much as possible. The best way to prevent illness is to prevent exposure. This means that we need to work together with you to create the healthiest and safest environment possible.

Please keep your child at home if you observe any one of the following:

  • Fever Diarrhea/ vomiting
  • Discharge in or around the eyes
  • Questionable rash
  • Green or yellow runny nose
  • Frequent coughing

For your child’s protection we ask volunteers to follow these same guidelines. If we observe any of these symptoms we will ask you to keep your child with you. If your child develops one of these symptoms during the service, we will come and get you.

Is my child going to be the only one there?
Each weekend, our children’s ministries see a growing multitude of children of all ages. In fact, it won’t be long before we have to enlarge our children’s ministry facilities to handle the growth. We currently have over 100 children (infants-6th grade) participating in our weekend program each Sunday. Our children’s ministry rooms are a great place for your child to come and interact with other kids in an environment that is high energy, fun, and centered on the word of God.

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