Volunteer Spotlight: Ben
By Gina Weare
May 17, 2018
This week we’re going to shine the spotlight on long-time volunteer Ben. We love Ben’s heart for Jesus and the people of God.

Meet Ben!

Bachelor of Science in Construction Management, CMU

Director of Risk Management at Central Michigan University

Mt. Pleasant, MI

About Ben
Ben has been serving since 1997 and was part of the cadre that started the church. He has also served in the areas of Construction, Hospitality, Student Ministries, Children’s Ministries and Drama. He and his wife Heather are blessed with 5 sons and 1 (tough) daughter.

Ben crossing the finish line in the 2017 Snow Moon Trail Run. (He beat Ryan in that race.)

What is one of your favorite things to do?

Being up early on Saturday to teach at the Cripplegate prayer meeting! God has grown in me a love for teaching his word. Plus, I figure that since I’m willing to get up early every weekday to be ready for work then I can do the same for the church on Saturday. It’s a reminder of the good work involved in following Christ (the Apostle Paul likens us to soldiers, athletes, and farmers). Otherwise I love running, especially, in various cities. I travel periodically for work, and I try to bring my wife as well as run, in each city. In the recent past I have run in: Boston, Lansing, Detroit, Columbus, Chicago, San Antonio, and St. Louis.

How did you hear about Grace?

Actually Grace heard about me. laughing We started Grace shortly after I became a Christian. Pastor Barry and I would often rollerblade through town on Sunday afternoons and he would talk about starting a church.
“I serve because that’s what Christ did. I became a follower of Christ because others were willing to serve, and now its my turn.”

Ben teaching at a Cripplegate Prayer meeting.

What’s something you love about Grace?

I serve alongside of so many awesome families.

Where do you serve at church?
Chairperson of the Elder Team, Cripplegate Prayer teacher, and Kidz Church.

How do you find time to serve as Chairperson of the Elder Team?With a growing family and career, “finding” time isn’t an option. I make time for Christ’s church because it has proven powerful in my own life, family, and community. Ever since I became a Christian 20 years ago, I have desired to work in ministry full time, but God hasn’t opened that door (yet). God has opened the door for me to serve in various ways here, and I am just trying to be faithful. I find that serving on the elder team makes me a better man (husband, dad, friend, teacher, and disciple). I have received from Christ far more than I could ever give.