Why Grace Church?

As the pastor of Grace Church, I want to thank you checking us out a little more deeply. Why not take it a step further and come to one of our Cripplegate prayer meetings or weekend gatherings? If you do, I'd personally like to hear your perspective on what you experienced and answer any questions you may have. I periodically force myself to ask the question, Why Grace Church? because I am really hoping that people who are spiritually seeking will DO something way out of their comfort zone: show up a Grace Church gathering, hear the message of Jesus Christ, and give their life to Him.  That's a lot to ask, a lot to expect!  And that's just the beginning; I'm hoping new people will embrace the Jesus invitation to become His fully-devoted follower. From there, it only becomes even more challenging and rewarding as Christ-followers are transformed by the living Spirit of God. These things form the basis of what I'm about as a pastor. 

To answer the question: Why Grace Church?

Grace Church exists to see God redeem people for His name, bringing them into His family, and helping them find their calling in joining with Jesus in expanding the Kingdom of God. 

Our church normally meets at 1217 S. Mission Street in what was, for five decades, Mt. Pleasant's finest dining establishment: the Embers Restaurant. At other times we meet on 218 S. Main Street in the historic Ward Theatre.  Currently our Sunday gatherings are at the Ward Theatre as we Raise the Roof at our normal location and redo a classic restaurant dining room into a more functional place of worship.  We own both buildings as we enjoy the work of transforming these classic spaces into gathering places! This is what Jesus called the 'church'.  It is actually just one aspect of the church... the church 'gathered'. In reality, the church is 'scattered' throughout central Michigan much more than it is gathered in one of our buildings, and this is where the rubber meets the road in terms of how we're doing at becoming more and more like Jesus. 

Grace Church was planted in 1998. We have made it through childhood and into the early stages of adulthood (we've been almost 20 years now). As a Body of believers, we are a more and more becoming a people of prayer, a people of the Word and the Holy Spirit, and a people that orients their lives around following Jesus in fulfilling His Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-21). If that’s what you're desiring to be about, or if you are in a place in life where you are simply seeking to know and follow Jesus, then please consider coming to follow God with us. 

- Pastor Barry Flanders

New to Grace?

Get to know us at one of the following:

  • Worship with us on Sundays at 10am at Twelve17 Coffee Roasters, 1217 Mission Street, across the street from Walgreen's
  • Join us at a Cripplegate Prayer Meeting at Twelve17 Coffee Roasters.
  • Register for the Heartbeat of Grace class to learn more about Grace Church. To register, email ryan@gracemp.org.