Women in Leadership
By Gina Weare
June 19, 2018

I’ve attended Grace Church since 2004, when I began college at CMU. My first involvement was the Dicken’s Christmas Choir and later that winter in 2005 I began volunteering with the weekend production team. Since that time, I’ve volunteered in various capacities and ministries, as well as being part-time staff for a few years.  Currently, I volunteer as Media Director at the church, which entails graphic and web design as well as other marketing tasks. I also volunteer leading a small group Bible study.

In the 14 years that I’ve attended Grace Church, I can firmly say that the leadership culture is one of care, passion, honesty and authenticity. The leadership at Grace follows Jesus’ radical example and attitude towards women; in biblical times, women were regarded as subordinate and inferior to men, but Jesus confirmed the worth and value of women by His words and actions- including them in His ministry. Grace Church does just that- women are encouraged to serve and use their abilities and talents in full and equal participation with men at Grace- whether in Children’s Ministry, Construction Ministry or Worship Ministry. The church also hosts an annual Women’s Retreat- a special time planned by women and for women to grow together as a community of faith, discover and build upon their own gifts and abilities, and enjoy a time of fellowship together. The yearly Retreat speaks of the value that the people of Grace Church have for women- much time and effort is put in to build these retreats into an encouraging and meaningful time away for women.

As a woman currently leading in various ways at Grace, I have always felt valued, have always been respected, and have always been able to voice my opinion. In no way have I ever been made to feel inferior to anyone in any leadership position at Grace Church.  The leadership at Grace Church equips and trains both women and men to grow in their abilities and talents and to grow in their faith.

It has been my privilege to serve alongside the many men and women at Grace.

Gina Weare
Media Director, Grace Church