The Final Piece of the Project

Since acquiring the former Ember's Restaurant building, we have gone through and renovated nearly every part of the building one step at a time...starting with the least functional spaces, bringing us to where we are now. The auditorium space (the original main dining rooms of the Embers) and the roof and HVAC are the only remaining major needs of the building. 


This chapter of our story provides us with unique opportunities to create a functional, inspirational and creative space with a host of new design possibilities. We continue to pray and envision where God will lead us, whether that be to abide fully within the building's existing structure or to move beyond it's existing limitations. 

Here are some ideas so far...

Be a part of the story...

We invite you to join in this exciting workBe a personal part of the story of how God works (in your life and in the church) as you give joyfully and sacrificially to see this through. 

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Update - July 27, 2017

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The Need

Roof & Water Management

  • The existing roof membrane has exceeded its life-span (being approx. 20 years old). It is rapidly deteriorating and constantly producing new leaks (inside the building).
  • Since acquiring the property, we have been able to remove and clear out various pieces of old equipment and temporarily patch the openings in the roof membrane caused by them, but other pieces still remain that will be removed and taken care of as part of this project.
  • The widows on the roof are old and many are damaged (cracks and broken seals). Condensation from the aluminum frames is also a problem.
  • Our goal is to install a new roof system that will keep us dry for 20+ years to come with minimal roof penetrations and increased ability to manage rain water runoff (which is a lot of water with such a large surface)!

HVAC & Insulation

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

The existing HVAC system is extremely inefficient in its design and distribution of heat and air conditioning. 

  • Of the existing 8 units: 1 is completely dead, 2 have AC broken beyond repair; 1 heating element is damaged beyond repair; 2 others are currently in working condition but are over 24 years old (which is beyond the average life-span); and the remaining 2 are newer units that required replacement last winter (which can be re-purposed to be as efficient and functional as possible in our new system).
  • These units combined have over 758 linear feet of exposed roof-top duct work (which is also in very poor condition) and dramatically reduces efficiency.
  • The duct work alone accounts for over 24 direct roof penetrations into the building...along with over 15 other penetrations from other equipment. 
  • The majority of the current insulation in the roof is paneling directly under the roofing membrane which is providing us with approx. R16-R20 insulation value (pretty minimal for rooftop/attic venting). We plan to at least double this during the renovation.
  • We are also pursuing some other sustainable energy sources (such as solar panels mounted on the roof) as well as more efficient HVAC systems and equipment. 

Interior Upgrades Required

While we are currently code compliant in our existing interior space, all aspects are in need of an matter what!


  • Electrical (outlets, stage power)
  • Lighting (stage and house lighting)
  • Drywall (much of it is damaged, stained or textured)
  • Flooring (currently original carpet or painted concrete)
  • Trim (a lot of mismatched temporary pieces currently)
  • Doors & Windows (upgrade/minimize sound disruptions)
  • Interior Insulation (none currently)
  • Video Sight Lines (more ideal layout of screen/TV's)

Estimated Expenses

Whether we remain within the current structural parameters or elect to stretch beyond them to add an additional level...there are many significant expenses that remain either way...including the HVAC & roofing as well as the interior needs (flooring, electrical, etc.). These needs alone will be at least a few hundred thousand dollars.  

We need to have $500,000 by our 20th Anniversary Service (April 29, 2018) in order to break ground in removing the existing roof. Give a gift this need this Christmas season.

We believe that the Lord will provide the resources required to do this work through His He has demonstrated with every phase of this project thus far. 

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