Blessing Nations

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” 

Matthew 28:19


It has long been the desire of Grace Church to follow Jesus' command in Matthew 28 to 'Go and make disciples' among an unreached people group in the world. As a church we have asked God to lead the Flanders to an unreached/least reached people group within Myanmar. There are 49 such people groups in Myanmar

"Oh Lord, please help the Flanders to be led to a people who have not heard about the love You have for them in Jesus, and the truth of the Gospel that can set them free!"

Over the last several years we have been able to place an ongoing team in Myanmar for 70-day stays to effectively facilitate the learning of the Burmese language and culture, to pursue a sustainable way to serve in the country in order to be a blessing to the nation of Myanmar, and to extend the worship of God to places and people that have not yet experienced Him. 

Everything began in November 2011, when the Flanders traveled for two weeks with Calvary Church of State College, PA in order to get an understanding of their ministry in Myanmar. The trip to took them to several orphanages and a Seminary near Yangon, giving them many opportunities to speak and minister as they learned the inner workings of Calvary's effective ministry. You can read about their adventure and enjoy many pictures and videos on

In 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2017 the Flanders family has returned to Myanmar for longer-term stays, establishing a place to live (Mandalay Division), to legally establish a Myanmar branch of Grace Church's Twelve17 Coffee Roasters ministry, and maintain an incredibly rewarding ministry with 60-plus children at an orphanage. To date over 35 individuals from Grace Church, including many volunteers from Grace Church's Twelve17 Coffee Roasters, have ministered in Myanmar. They have done so largely at their own expense, coming away with a deeper burden for the Myanmar people and understanding of what it will take to effectively bless these precious people who have endured so much hardship.

Moving Forward

2017 has been an incredibly blessed time as we trusted the Lord to both deepen the Flanders' understanding of what the Lord is already doing in Myanmar, AND sent two additional Grace Church ministry teams to assist the work! In 2017 the Flanders have continued learning the language and learning how to live and function as a family in a Myanmar. This will prove especially helpful to future, full-time ministers from Grace Church who devote their entire lives to living and ministering in Myanmar.

The Flanders had the privilege of expressing Grace Church's love to the most needy people of Myanmar in practical ways. Within the Flanders family is a heartbeat for leading worship, so once again they had many opportunities for ministering musically at Agape Orphanage. It goes without saying that there was a fair amount of soccer played and, with the help of our visiting teams, opportunities for various other team competitions (the Agape Olympics) and activities. Our ministry at the orphanage included creating and ministering to younger children outside our teaching at the regular chapel services, using a variety of crafts, drama sketches, English language training, and Bible teachings designed to reach the children at a level they can comprehend.  This year, we had the further opportunity to bring our coffee roasting expertise by upgrading our coffee roasting partner's equipment for more precise roasting. Grace Church's direct financial assistance to the orphanage is a beautiful by-product of our ongoing outreach to the Mt. Pleasant community through the volunteers of Grace Church's Twelve17 Coffee ministry.

Grace Church's commitment to a longer-term presence in Myanmar will allow us to assist and establish vibrant communities of faith in this precious land. It is our desire that additional families and individuals will be sent to further the initial pioneering efforts of the Flanders.  With such, our hope is that the twelve17 Coffee Roaster's Myanmar location will be able to secure a permanent station for receiving and training both Myanmar nationals and expats visiting short-term. 

Doing good, one cup at a time

So far, the Twelve17 Coffee Roasters has helped support the ongoing food and supply needs for several different orphanages in Myanmar. 

Furthermore, with donations received we have distributed money to individuals in difficult or tragic situations to assist them temporarily with food and, in one case, recovery funds while a Burmese individual who was undergoing extended medical recovery. Each year, we have had the joy of helping our Myanmar partner repair/refurbish/upgrade his coffee roaster for his small, family-run coffee roasting operation. These funds have primarily come from 10% of every donation that has come into Twelve17 Coffee Roasters, with significant additional funding being donated by those traveling from Grace Church to Myanmar.