Growing In God's Presence... with God's Word... by God's Spirit

Grace Church is focused on the pursuit of God's presence from a clear understanding of who God reveals Himself to be in the Word of God. We desire to be a people that loves following Jesus... as revealed in Holy Scripture. We work together to grow in maturity as Jesus' disciples with the hope that each person in central Michigan have a chance to respond to the gospel... the 'good news' that God has sent Jesus into the world to have a relationship with us.  We are desiring to do the same among some other unique people groups in the world. We're currently impacting central Myanmar and the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

We are excited to introduce children to Jesus through our own uniquely designed curriculum that focuses on:

  • Training up and maturing Children's Ministry adult workers and their teams, and
  • Ministering effectively to infants through 6th graders in intentionally safe environments.

Every Sunday at 7:30am and 10am, Grace meets at 1217 S. Mission Street across from Arby's (in the space of our Twelve17 Coffee Roasters ministry!) As well, each morning every day of the year, we gather at 1217 for prayer.


  • November 13 | Children's Ministry Large Group

    Interested in serving in Children's Ministry? We would love for you to join our group of 70+ Children's Ministry Workers  at our upcoming Large Group meeting. Questions? E-mail