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Grace Church was started by a couple of old guys and their wives with a small group of Jesus-followers in their teens and early twenties. We had all come to the biblical understanding that young people shouldn't have to wait to become a fully-functioning part of the amazing body-of-Christ experience. That's putting it nicely. Truth be told, we believe young followers of Christ MUST be actively engaged and empowered by God to struggle in and do the work of the local church, being matured and strengthened in the process. Sounds simple, but for us this continues to be a transformative part of our DNA as Grace Church.

If you are in college or grad school, we encourage you to get to the weekly Young Church gathering. Young Church is designed to give a place and a space to dedicated disciples of Jesus to get about the work of growing spiritually together AND doing the ministry of Jesus together. We're straight-up "being" and "doing" church in a simple gathering that we hope touches the heart and mind of the Christ-follower, while being authentic to the Christ-seeker. When those who are non-yet Christ-followers attend, our hope is that they will be drawn by the Spirit's life, love, and power.

Beyond the weekly gathering, those who are active in Young Church are truly depended on to be the drivers, the nuts-n-bolts, of church-body life, energizing much of week-to-week ministry that occurs inside and outside the walls of Grace Church.

Young Church

Only For College/Grad School Age?

College freshman through grad school students are the primary focus, though we have also encouraged maturing Junior High and Senior High students that are actively engaging their faith to play an crucial role in the ministry of the church. 

What Happens at the Weekly Meeting

We typically worship with the Young Church band, pray, confess, and have someone from Grace Church teach us, often times including the faith journey of one of our group. Before or after the gathering, we usually enjoy a casual meal or some snacks together. There are weekly ways to serve so find the hardest one and get to it.


Currently meeting Thursdays at 6pm at Twelve17 Coffee Roasters. Email if you have questions or aren't sure how to get to our meeting place.

The YC Connection

The Young Church Connection is a Registered Student Organization with Central Michigan University that is focused on creating an inspiring group of Christ-followers among all generations and nations in Central Michigan. We do this through our weekly Thursday night gatherings (where we invite any and all students to learn from the Bible, worship and pray) and through daily volunteer service to the community through the Twelve17 Coffee Roasters Ministry. Our desire is to help connect students with a local body of faith where they can be encouraged and contribute to the needs of others.

Contact: Alex Wagner (RSO President)
Adam Gudbrandson (RSO Vice-President)

Thursdays at 6pm | Twelve17 Coffee Roasters