Wilderness Pilgrimage

A one-week intensive experience in which we delve deep into God's creation in Algonquin Provincial Park in Northern Ontario Canada. This minimalistic, no-trace camping/portaging trip is meant to be an intentional separation from daily distractions and luxuries in order to get extended time to develop one's own heart and self-leadership. As well, these trips are geared toward those who desire to draw nearer to God, experience the unspoiled and pristine character of God's creation, challenging themselves, and engaging in the lives of others. Our training to lead these trips in a safe and effective way (24 years and running) was provided by the Wilderness Institute for Leadership Development. This 'in the wild' course can be taken for credit through Central Michigan University.

More: Algonquin Provincial Park

2017 Trip Dates

  • June 3-10 :: Open Trip (registration deadline Dec. 31)
  • July 22-29 :: Open Trip (registration deadline Dec. 31
  • August 1-8 :: Interns & Summer Staff

Cost $435/per person, space is limited, $125 deposit required by registration deadline


  1. Complete the Pilgrimage Registration Form
  2. Fill out the Medical Release Form 

Summer 2016

This summer our interns and summer staff made the trek into the Canadian Wilderness to seek the Lord and develop their ability to rely on him in all circumstances. Read about their experiences in their community journal and check out a few pictures from the trip below.


2016 Community Journal

Video Recap