Twelve17 Coffee Roasters

So, it turns out Grace Church people enjoy the coffee but just as importantly, they are able to find a peaceful space somewhere in our 24,000 square foot church building where they can contemplate things that really matter.  We are a sanctuary in the midst of a loud and busy culture. While most of the people enjoying our beverages and space come from the Grace Church family, it has been really nice to offer a drink free-of-charge to others who just need a little encouragement. 

Ultimately, our desire as volunteers at Grace Church is that everyone in our church family, and everyone who may come our way from the community, would not only taste our coffee but would further consider 'tasting' Jesus and realize that the ancient Psalmist of the Bible was right when he said, "Taste and see the Lord is good!"

It is our privilege to serve as an 'inreach' ministry of Grace Church and to extend a beverage of their choice (what Jesus called 'a cup of cold water') to anyone in our community who has a need.  Everything is offered freely.  We do list suggested gift/donation amounts for those who may want to give, but people can give what they want: less, or nothing at all.  It turns out that many Grace Church volunteers/attenders and others enjoy giving more!  All gifts/donations are a blessing and will be stewarded to keep this ministry going, and 10% of all gifts/donations are used to support our orphanage ministry, and other needy situations, in the country of Myanmar.  Most of our baristas have visited and ministered to orphans and widows in Myanmar covering their own expense and would love to share with you of their experiences. Several of our baristas have even visited the very coffee farm where we import our Myanmar beans! 

Everyone, from our roasters to our baristas to those who clean and fix stuff around the building, are part of the Grace Church community and are cheerfully volunteering their own time and resources to bless the Grace Church family and those who may stop in from the central Michigan community who need some hospitality, and a little sacred space... no strings attached.