Disciples Path

Disciples Path is a study about it means to walk with Jesus and grow as His disciple. It is for those at Grace Church who are new to their faith, as well as those looking for something a little more structured and intentional to help them grow in their walk with God. To learn more about Disciples Path, to see answers to some Frequently Asked Questions, and to see if this study is right for you, check out the information below.

We are currently offering this study on Tuesday mornings as the focus of our Prayer Meeting. We will continue this focus on Tuesday mornings throughout the month of July and make a decision about the day/time and format for the Fall. Anyone is welcome to join us on Tuesday mornings to check it out. If you want to make the commitment to be a part of this study each week and get a copy of the study materials, click here to sign up.

Questions? E-mail ryan@gracemp.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of Tuesday mornings?
Disciples Path will serve, essentially, as a guide for the teaching that will take place at our Tuesday Prayer Meetings. This class is not taking the place of the Prayer Meeting, it will simply guide the focus of the teaching on Tuesdays. In other words, this will be the "normal" Prayer Meeting format (Teaching + Prayer), but with a focus on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Is Disciples Path right for me?

Disciples Path is for the following groups of people.

1.) For those who are not yet followers of Christ and...

  • ...want to learn more about what it means to walk with Jesus.
  • ...want to take some intentional steps toward Jesus and His church.
  • ...want to get/stay on the disciples path and further their journey to faith.

2.) For those who are new to the faith (0-24 months as a believer) or are less experienced in their walk with God and...

  • ...want to dive into what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.
  • ...want to get connected and start serving.
  • ...want to learn from those who are more experienced in their daily walk with God.

3.) For those who are more experienced in the faith and...

  • ...want to come alongside those who are just learning what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.
  • ...want to be reminded of Jesus' heart to make disciples by helping others to grow and mature in their faith.
  • ...want to jump-start their own walk with God and need some weekly accountability and encouragement.
What is the difference between the smaller and larger sessions that were mentioned on Sunday at the service?
Disciples Path was originally written as a small group study for new believers. It was designed as a study to be shared between an experienced believer and one or two new believers. The material that we are going to be covering on Tuesday mornings is designed for larger groups of 15 or more and it is geared toward both new and experienced believers. It's very much aligned with the teaching that already happens every day at our Prayer Meetings. Disciples Path just provides a little bit more connection from week to week.

Is it ok for people who didn't sign up to come on Tuesdays?

Absolutely. Just like any other day of the week, anyone is welcome to come and we're confident that they will find strength and encouragement from the material being taught.

Will this be aired on Facebook live like all of our other morning Prayer Meetings?
Yep! Sure will.

If I encourage someone to come on Tuesdays, do I have to come with them?
Come on, man! What would Jesus do?! Just kidding. No, you don't have to come, but if you're pouring into someone's life, it would be awesome if you came with them. :)

If I sign up, do I have to do the workbook that goes with it?
No. There is a workbook available for purchase. We will print everyone a sample for the first week or two so that they can make a determination if, indeed, they want to purchase a workbook. We do recommend that those who are new to the faith (0-24 months as a believer) work through these additional materials.

If I am going to work through the smaller group materials with some others, should I also attend on Tuesday mornings?
No, there's no need. You're certainly welcome to come, but the material is similar enough that we feel like it would be overkill to try and do both consistently. Instead, we would really encourage you to come together to a Prayer Meeting on another day of the week.